The internet is moving at the speed of data and business needs to keep up.

It needs to reduce its cost of storing data; it needs to reduce its risk of data breaches; and it needs better data insights for increased profitability. With polypoly business gets a win/win/win.


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The problem with the current data economy

“A decentralised data economy offers the customer full, autonomous transparency, and precisely this transparency is one of the principles that we at Mercedes-Benz have anchored in our data strategy.”

Sabine Scheuert

CDO Mercedes Benz

The data economy is like a large glacier that’s beginning to break apart.

The current system is crumbling under its own weight. Consumers' demand for more control over their data are heating up and enterprise requires better access to quality data. polypoly provides both through a decentralised and privacy protecting model.

The future started five minutes ago

Yesterday's cloudy solutions won't work for today's pointed problems. polypoly's ecosystem is powered by Edge computing, a model for distributed computing that is scalable, cost-efficient, and secure since the data never leaves the user's device.

The 5th Industrial Revolution

The growth and value of data is inevitable, resulting in individuals who want to capitalize on the increasing value of their own personal data.

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Global Data Generation today
measured in Zettabytes (ZB)
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Global Data Generation by 2030
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Value of Data per Person today
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Value of Data per Person by 2030
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The margins are where the customer is

We enable direct communication between consumers and businesses. Contextual and relevant information is exchanged in real time and at low cost whilst providing data privacy for consumers and valuable data insights for businesses.