Enterprise has always struggled with acquiring data that can be a mile deep and an inch valuable

And then there’s the customer data storage problem adding cost layers and security risks. In the polypoly model high value data is distributed securely across our Cooperative user-base, offsetting some of Enterprise’s biggest problems. The interactions between Enterprise and the Cooperative are mutually profitable, selective and flow securely.

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There’s a method to our madness

All three entities, the Foundation, Cooperative, and Enterprise are intended to complement one another. The Foundation works on international governance issues; the Cooperative represents and connects individual users; and the Enterprise supports business interests. It’s a system in balance where all benefit equally.

The two-way street

There’s a symbiotic relationship between the Cooperative and Enterprise entities. Although quite separate and distinct in themselves, they reinforce each other. Enterprise profits from precision data insights by interacting directly with Cooperative members; and the members can securely control and monetise their personal data through customised transactional relationships.

Our ecosystem - or as we call it, The polyVerse - is empowering and purpose driven

Each of the three entities offers something that is missing from the current system:

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The Cooperative enables the community to control and monetise their private data within a secure infrastructure.

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The Enterprise produces higher value for the economy because it processes higher value rather than higher volume data.

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The Foundation reinforces the GDPR since it is baked into the infrastructure, and reduces costs as it is decentralised.