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Outsourcing address maintenance to your customers - GDPR-compliant and cost-saving!

location-icon 6/27/2022


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Are you a company that has to manage a lot of customer data and would like to be on the safe side in terms of GDPR customer address management and exclude legal risks? You also want to significantly reduce your effort and the associated costs and at the same time communicate with your customers at eye level? polypoly makes it possible with Friendly Data Cleaning.

Friendly Data Cleaning is based on the polyPod app, which can be used to manage personal data on your own end device. Via a download feature integrated in polyPod, companies enable their customers to download their stored address data into the app, complete it themselves, correct it and then release it for use.

Another advantage: with Friendly Data Cleaning, companies position themselves as digital pioneers that take the data sovereignty of their customers seriously. They intensify customer loyalty by offering individual incentives for the cleaning and continuous maintenance of personal data - from vouchers to a small surprise with the next purchase. Our initiator Thorsten Dittmar puts it in a nutshell: "Our app provides companies with the information they need to address customers without errors and to deliver goods to the right address. Unfortunately, this is not a matter of course today and therefore has a positive effect on their image." Companies use their marketing budget effectively because they send mailings in a legally compliant manner and their mail is guaranteed to arrive - both online and in the letterbox.

Sounds interesting to you? Great, because Thorsten Dittmar and Jessica Dittmar are looking forward to explaining Friendly Data Cleaning to you in this zoom event in the context of a use case and answering all your questions.